700 Students Are Facing The Risk Of Being Deported From Canada.

The travel agent had charged more than Rs 16 lakh per student for his services

Students at airport (representation image)

According to recent reports, Jalandhar police have located the office of a travel agent who allegedly issued fake documents to more than 700 Indian students facing deportation from Canada. The office is located near the city bus depot, but it has remained closed for six months. The police are verifying other details but have not yet received any complaint in this matter.

The reports indicate that the students had gone to Canada in 2018-19 on a study visa, but the fraud came to light after they applied for permanent residency in the country recently. The Canadian authorities found that the “admission offer letters” to educational institutes were fake, and the Canadian Border Security Agency issued deportation letters to them. It has been reported that the travel agent had charged more than Rs 16 lakh per student for his services.

It remains to be seen how the investigation will proceed and what actions will be taken against the travel agent if the allegations are proven true. The situation is undoubtedly distressing for the affected students who may face uncertain futures due to this fraud.

Students in Canada facing Deportation and removal order by CBSA due to fake and fraudulent offer letters issued by Ghost agent in Jalandhar ‘ Brijesh Mishra ‘

700 students my be deported from canada ( representation image )

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